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Good Hairstyles For Boys With Long Hair

Good Hairstyles For Boys With Long Hair. A slick back is brilliant if you suffer from cowlicks. This short shag with a long top is a good choice for guys who like spiky hairstyles.

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30 Best Ways To Style The Man Fringe - Mens Craze (Daniel Wong)
The longer style is a bit messy and shaggy, but the textured bangs do a wonderful job of bringing the cute hairstyle together. This haircut gives some height to the hair and is ideal for a square or round face because it adds dimension. For little boys with naturally curly and kinky hair, this look is a perfect choice.

There are a lot more different approaches to long hairstyles for men than there are for short ones.

So why care if you like long hairstyles!

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The quiff will frame your face because it's short on one side and on the other, you'll have your long hair. While the man bun, ponytail and top knot remain awesome hipster styles, guys also have alternatives like the shoulder length cut or extra long, free flowing hair. Short Sides, Long Top Boy Hairstyles While boys short haircuts will always be in style, long hair on top has been a strong trend in recent years.

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