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Current Hair Trends Fall 2018

Current Hair Trends Fall 2018. There's something in the air about Fall that makes you want to change up your look. It's all about banana clips, bungee cords, and hot pink wigs.

Best Cool Haircuts for Fall 2018 | Hairstyles for Women
Best Cool Haircuts for Fall 2018 | Hairstyles for Women (Willie Washington)
These ridiculously pretty hair colors are trending for fall Rather than stick to your same ol' hair color for another season, consider mixing it up with some of the ridiculously pretty fall hair colors we've seen. This hair color trend sounds like a cozy holiday drink we'd like to try (recipe idea!). Each season new hair trends emerge.

This year's hair dye trend for all the crystal lovers out there, gem lights is the latest way to add a wash of toned-down rainbow tones to your hairstyle.

A.'s top stylists tell us that this year's of-the-moment color trends are natural, yet will instantly put a fresh spin on any base shade you're working with.

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If you're unsure about what you want to do, don't worry we have some inspo for you! What makes Sixties Hair worn with a hairband special is the teased hair at the back of the head, which gives the look its typical volume. Silver color is inert and and symbolizes comfort.

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