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Secure Hairstyles For Long Hair

Secure Hairstyles For Long Hair. This casual updo hairstyle for long hair is super easy if you can twist your hair. To get this style, brush hair straight back and then twist in four different locations on the back of the head.

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124 best Protect those ends and edges baby! images on ... (Rena Palmer)
At the last twist of the elastic band, pull out your hair only halfway through to form a bun. First, gather your hair into a super-high ponytail, securing with a scrunchie. Pull your hair back into a ponytail and start to twist it as if you're putting hair into a bun.

To achieve the same hairstyle as given in the picture, leave out hair in the back before making a pony.

There is nothing better than high updos for long hair.

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This post is sponsored by Pantene. Gently tug at your bun for added volume and complete the look with a pretty bow ribbon. Think of the popular beach waves texture beforehand - make twists or braids overnight or at least a couple of hours before you plan to go out.

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