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Spiral Perm Hairstyles For Long Hair

Spiral Perm Hairstyles For Long Hair. This wavy permed hairstyles idea is the perfect shape for a long or thin face as the fairly flat top with extra volume at the sides makes the face seem wider. Women with short hair can opt for the Spiral Perm if they want to give their locks some form and bounce.

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Image result for soft spiral perm | Long hair perm (Roy Christensen)
If you want flexible curls that look defined and distinct, then opt for a spiral perm. Wearing spiral curls on long hair will mean that your curls will likely get a little weighed down by the length. Spiral perms are great for achieving bouncy corkscrew curls, but they can be a little expensive at the salon.

Permed hairstyle also has some famous types that you can choose, spiral perm, body perm, plain curl perm, multi-textured perm, root perm, stacked perm, pin curls perm, loose wave perm, partial perm, and voluminous perm.

And the best part is you will end up with hair that looks as magnificent as a lion's mane!

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Elise Neal wearing her long hair with a spiral perm for curls

The hair is curled in spiral shape by using rods and chemicals. Permed hair always gave a glamour sensation for women who wear it, not only because of the unique texture, but the variation that permed hairstyles has. See more ideas about hair, curly hair styles, curly hair styles naturally.

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